Donald Trump's Inevitability

How will The Donald's presidency end? 

A successful 4 years? 
A successful 8? 

Few people, with any kind of functional intellect, believe he'll complete his first term, or even his first year. 

Some suggest the possibility of assassination. Of course it's possible, but in today's security environment, it's remarkably unlikely. But who would be the would-be assassin? Naturally, Trump's supporters might think it would be radical islamists. That's a daft suggestion. Trump is the best recruitment tool radical islamists have ever had. 

Maybe it will be a hard-line leftist, railing against the hard-line right. Possibly. After all, crazy people are crazy. 

Speaking of crazy people, I think Trumps most serious threat will come from his own, special base. He's spent months courting the lunatic fringe, with unkeepable promises. When the unkeepable promises go unkept, who do you think will feel the most betrayed, the most disenfranchised, and the most armed? 

A presidential assassination would be the worst possible outcome. It would throw the USA into turmoil, even a death spiral. It would actually be worse that a two-term Trump. 

Trump is a crooked bastard, so impeachment is the logical outcome. However, the Donald would never suffer the humiliation of being FIRED. He already knows it's coming (unless he really is as delusional as he seems). He'll resign. 

Donald Trump will declare "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" after bragging that he's achieved more in a few months than any full term president ever has, and resign in a blaze of his own, deluded glory.