What’s Wrong With Municipal Elections?

What’s Wrong With Municipal Elections?

I don’t know… that’s the problem. I don’t know who the candidates are or what they stand for. I don’t know who represents my ward, I don’t know who’s running for school board this or trustee that. And, quite frankly, I don’t see any of these people working too damn hard to let me know.

I watch the local news almost every night. They talk about the election. They even had the mayoral candidates saying why it’s important to vote. They say things like the region is facing challenges on things like urban sprawl, public transit, the environment, etc., etc. and that’s why it’s important to vote.

Great! Thanks! All this I knew. Now, maybe, you could actually try to tell me where you stand in these issues. That is if any of you have a stand.

Our incumbent mayor, Carl Zehr, is a pompous ass head. I’d be fairly content with casting an “ABC” vote (Anyone But Carl) but I have no idea who any of the other candidates are. I’d hate to find that I was dismissing one ass head for a bigger ass head (still regret that vote for Dalton McGuinty).

The other message they keep trying to get out is that municipal elections are the most important because the people we elect directly affect out day-to-day lives. So I still ask, why aren’t the candidates trying to get their info out? I’ve receive one flyer in the mail for a Regional Councillor candidate. A kid called Jason. He looks like he’s 15 and he’s endorsed by the green party… I may as well vote for him, he’s made the most effort so far.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign… well, not really. I’ve noticed there are all these signs for these aspiring local politicians. The thing is though; they’re all on public land, boulevards and vacant lots. They’re not on people’s lawns! Is this because the candidates aren’t asking people if they can put up a sign or is it that the rest of my neighbourhood is as ill informed and apathetic as me?

So what can I say? Yes, local issues affect my day-to-day life much more deeply than Canada’s foreign policy. The pot hole at the end of my street affects my life several times a day but if no one is going to take the time to tell me how he or she will fill it, how the hell do I, or anyone, know who to vote for?