Provincial Election Buffoonery #3 - Dalton McFibberpants - lest we forget

One last thought before that smug, lying, Norman-Bates wannabe inexplicably walks into a second majority…

“No new taxes” A promise that lasted mere weeks. Not only that, it became I lie compounded with another lie. It was meant to be a temporary measure but he’s already extended the deadline. But I guess we all knew that would happen.

Despite the revenues generated by the health care tax, they still won’t extend the funding to treatment for autistic children. Hell no, let’s not just withhold funding… let’s sue the little bastards!

Closing all the coal fired power plants? That one didn’t quite fly either. Did I mention that my son was diagnosed with asthma last year?

DOLTon came down like a ton of bricks on the faith based schooling proposal yet stood there with a straight face and defended the funding of the Catholic school boards.

He likes to take credit for the economy. I’m sure with a magical “Abra-McDabera” he single handedly drove up world wide commodity prices. Yeah, the economy is booming but it’s still pretty rough for Joe Ontarian to keep gas in his car so he can go to his minimum wage job.

I’m not saying anything profound or new here, Just a gentle reminder.

Well at least he promised us all a long weekend in February… oops, there’s that “P word” again… oh well.