TDSB Afro-centric Schools?

Afro-centric shcools? And to think, I always brag about how open and multicultural Canada is.

It really doesn't make sense on so many levels. First of all, it smacks of US style segregation from the last century. Like I've said before in rants about public funding for faith based schools, we have a public, secular and inclusive system available to all. If someone does not find that suitable, there is any number of accredited, private schools available.

There is indeed a drop out problem with black students in TO but it should be addressed directly in the current system.

Also, the TDSB has been in a budgetary crisis for years and can ill afford to add specialized schools. All students suffer when the resources are spread even thinner.

I would also worry about curriculum recognition in the post secondary environment.

And finally, by the admission of a TDSB trustee on the news yesterday, these new schools will only be servicing about 0.1% of the black student population, so what's the point?

Canada, and especially Toronto, is a beautiful mosaic of race, religion and culture. The precedent set by this decision disturbs me deeply.