4parents.gov - neoconservative science

www.4parents.gov is a government website launched by the Bush admin. Under the guise of an advice site to parents, it's actually a vehicle of conservative views and, horrifyingly, a source of medical disinformation to promote those views.

Washington Post 
"Three physicians and a child psychologist analyzed the Bush administration's 4Parents.gov Web site and concluded it made many incorrect assertions about condoms, sexual orientation, single-parent households and the dangers of oral sex. "

"The group, which bills itself as a nonprofit focused on child welfare, is known for promoting a study by board member Joel Brind suggesting a link between abortion and breast cancer, assertions the administration first embraced but later withdrew from its Web sites. "

Creepy PSA

"(dad) tell me to wait to have sex"

I just heard about this site recently and I'm nearly speachless (yes... ME... speachless). Maybe the scariest thing is that it's an official US government website wich would lead many to believe that it's 100% true and reliable.