Chrysler's Arrogance

I simply cannot fathom the gall, audacity, ignorance, and absolute colorectal-craniosis of Chrysler president Tom LaSorda. He sits in front of a commons committee and unashamedly states that we Canadian tax payers must pay 3 times more that the government offered as a bail out loan to keep Chrysler’s manufacturing in Canada. He also said that the agreement between the CAW and GM isn’t good enough to work for Chrysler. This ass-hat suggests that the only way Chrysler can operate in Canada is if its workers make less than all domestic and foreign manufacturers.
This, only weeks after Chrysler submitted their so-called “restructuring plan”. A plan that was rejected by our government because it was a copy of their submission to the US Congress with little more than a post-it note attached that said “yeah, and Canada too eh”.
I have to wonder how a company, who’s own poor judgement has brought itself to it’s knees, finds the arrogance to demand help while being too lazy to even ask nicely. Not to mention that they are asking for forgiveness on a Canadian Income Tax dispute!
In stark contrast, a day earlier, Toyota's Managing Director Stephen Beatty suggested ways to help the entire industry with incentives rather than bailouts.

"If the government wants to help the manufacturing activities of the auto sector, the best way to do that is ensure there's a healthy market for their products," Beatty said. "The fastest and most effective way to do so is to create immediate access to credit."

Both Beatty and Ford Canada's chief, David Mondragon, are also suggesting some type of scrappage deal where the government will offer a further incentive above the trade-in value of an older, fuel inefficient, vehicle when buying a new car.

So, in review;
General Motors is looking for some bailout money and has reached a groundbreaking labour deal with the CAW.
Ford isn’t asking for any bailouts but is suggesting new ways to help the market.
Toyota is suggesting ways to help all automakers and their supply chains.
Chrysler is asking for more bailout money and more worker concessions than anyone, including non-union companies, and backing their demands up with threats to the Canadian government and people.

Where will you buy your next car?