As bill 118 is about to become law, some still push for a total cell phone ban in cars.

I support and encourage the use of hands-free and voice command products and technology in cars for cell phone use. I even support the suggestion that it be mandated. However, if they ban cell phones, they must also ban…
Passengers who speak
Stereos, especially radio stations that have talk shows (sorry CBC, I will remember you fondly)
CB and 2-way radios (sorry truckers)
Data dispatch terminals in taxi-cabs (can’t go back to 2-way radios either)

And, here’s the big one and the worst one and the most dangerous one and the most distracting one….
The data terminals in police cars. These things have screens and keyboards, just like a computer. I’ve sat at a stop sign, waiting for a cruiser in front of me as the driver was messing with the damn thing. I’ve been behind police cars, weaving all over the road as the driver is messing with the terminal. They don’t have tinted windows so it isn’t difficult to see what’s happening.
You want to take my phone away, take that terminal out of the police cruisers. Unless you think cops are super human.

Here’s the underlying problem; once again people are looking for something, anything to push blame on rather than accepting responsibility for their own foibles.
For shame!