Republicans Lie, Americans Die and Healthcare is Still Barely on Life Support

The insane rhetoric that has been thrown at the idea of public healthcare in the US goes so much deeper than just nut jobs yelling at town hall meetings. Have a listen to Michigan Congressman, Mike Rogers;

I contacted Stats Can with regard to Roger's statistics. Guess what they told me...

"With regard to your question, you can obtain information on the "Canadian Cancer Registry" from our website, however to compare these Statistics with the Statistics of the United-States you would have to contact the Federal Statistics for the United-States."

Let me explain this to you. CCR does not keep nor publish comparative statistics between Canada and the US.
Therefore, when Rogers cites those comparative statistics, HE IS LYING. Canadian Cancer Registry has never collected the statistics he quoted.

Now, if you like research rather than rhetoric, you can find the actual stats here

Canadian survival rates
American survival rates

Stats can be fun!

In some cases, the US survival rate is actually higher than in Canada. But, because the US tracks whites and blacks separately, you'll see that the white survival rate is always higher than the black survival rate and the black American rate is generally lower than the Canadian aggregate.

The lines that divide, between white and black America, are generally economic.

And again, in fine fascist tradition, Republicans keep one foot on the neck of an undesirable class in their oh-so-free country.


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