Merry Christmas, etc etc etc

I've noticed something a bit different in the air this year.
People in stores are sometimes saying "merry Christmas" again. I also didn't hear of any major debates about Christmas trees in public places.
No, I'm not about to yap on about some feel-good-return-to-Christian-values bull shit. Because the Christian claim on December 25th and the YULE tree is just that... bull shit. Both the date and the tree are borrowed from pagan traditions that predate Christianity. The debate over a Christmas tree at city hall and the "Christian roots" of this country are nothing more than hot air because both are fallacies.

So, why do I like "Merry Christmas" and a "Christmas Tree"?

Simple! They are nice, that is all. I grew up with Christmas and the associated trees. These are symbols of happiness and family to me, though I'm not a Christian. When I wish you a Merry Christmas, I am NOT making a religious nor political statement. If someone wishes you happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy Hanuka, Eid mubarak, joyous festivus or whatever, it would be the absolute height of rudeness to take any offence to that... PERIOD.
That person just wished happiness to you. If you don't like the way they phrase that glad tiding, that's your problem. Go home an play with your lump of coal.

To everyone one else, just say what you feel!
Happy Holidays (yes, there is more than one holiday) and Merry Christmas
Voice of tReason