Conservative Contempt

I'm really starting to see that my feelings toward Stephen Harper and his Reformer lackies is straying into the realm for pure hatred. I know that my faithful followers are used to a kinder, gentler and totally unbiased Voice of tReason but things are really getting out of hand around here.

I just received one of those political propaganda flyers from my local MP, Stephen Woodworth. It's a huge item, costing plenty to print and distribute. After bragging about the tax dollars handed out to local groups and businesses, to the tune of $2 313 632.00 it goes on to ask if I'm patriotic enough to cut out the Canadian flag (printed in red ink) and display it in my window.

Then, of course, there is the obligatory "tell us how great we are" return form that I just love filling out.

You brag about the tax dollars you are throwing away, yet you have the audacity to speak of patriotism? You and your boss should be hung for TREASON.
=> Thank your god that you live in Canada!

Fair and balanced or over the top? At least I didn't draw a little noose around his neck.  After all, it's just an opinion, not a threat.
(and yes, I mailed it)