Lac Luster

Located in the heart of Toronto, Lac Luster is a quiet lake where the press is invited to contemplate their close proximity to Lake Ontario during the G8. They could fish in the lake, if there were fish. They could also canoe, if the canoes were real.
Lac Luster is the ultimate example of government restraint. After all, a real lake would cost an insane amount of money to create, while our beautiful and CONservative Lac Luster is only worth a few measly million dollars in tax payer funds.

As a Canadian, I would like to swim in Lac Luster... right fucking now!


Anonymous said…
I would love to just cannonball right in!!! But wait, I would be 'detained' were I, as a mere NORMAL Canadian, to come within 5m of THE WALL. There is just NO WAY this crap is Constitutionable. Canada has become communist, while the wives of the G8s enjoy lunch in the CN Tower... Nice!