What is Harper's Ultimate Goal?

What is Stephen Harper up to? What is his vision for Canada?

One of my greatest issues with politicians, or at least the system in which they are sometimes stuck, is the lack of will to make the tough and unpopular decisions today for a better tomorrow. But these are things like investments in the greater good... clean energy, transportation infrastructure, etc. Harper seems completely absorber with political gamesmanship and power grabs. What's the point?

It would seem that he's trying to remake Canada in the image of his 30% support base through privatization, tough-on-crime rhetoric and spending, even going so far as finding a round-a-bout way to reopen the abortion debate after decades.

But it still appears to boil back down to the power play and the game. Calling for senate reform while busily stacking it with conservative senators. Launching huge and complicated omnibus bills, full of unrelated agenda and taunting the opposition to trigger an election by making each a matter of confidence. If any of this really was good for Canada, wouldn't he be more transparent about these moves, rather than try to keep it all under the table?

I really don't know what his ultimate goal is, but if it is just about the game then I just have one thing to say...

Mr Harper, Canada is our home. It IS NOT your chess board. BACK OFF!


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