Every time someone starts on about the threat of the New World Order, I can't decide if I'm amused, confused or just annoyed .

As far as I can tell, it's always a threat from the other side of the fence (ain't that just a plain old slice of life)

The Lefties claim that it's the capitalist, free market, globalization, rich that are trying to take over the world (yeah, they are. Always have, always will)
Uh oh, here comes the Bilderburgs

The Righties claim that it's the communist, share the wealth, world government, global warming, nihilist, anarchist, atheists that are trying to take over the world (yeah... see above)
Uh oh, here comes the Fabian Society

Now, at lest those two views are semicoherent. The vast majority of the NWO Crowd believe that the real threat comes from NATO, the CIA, Men in Black, Free Masons, Roswell Greys and the Illuminati.

It occurs to me the the whole NWO threat was cooked up by ALCAN in a very clever marketing scheme to sell more aluminium to the wearers of foil hats. Of course, thanks to my own foil hat, they can't know that I know their true plan! (Unfortunately, my left-overs have gone off and my hair reeks of Carbonara).

I guess, ultimately... If the Old World Order brought us the Inquisition, Plague, WWI & II, the Holocaust, Cold War, Bosnia, Famine, Genocide, Tiananmen Square, Oklahoma City, Tokyo Subway, KKK, IRA,  and 9/11, then I say "NEW WORLD ORDER... bring it on baby!!"

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein