Conservative/Liberal Smokescreen

The American 2nd amendment concept, suggesting that the government should have a healthy fear of a well armed populace is, of course, insane. However, here we have the likes of McGuinty and Harper who have no fear of nor respect for the people. This isn't exactly sane either.
Seriously, who can blame them? After all, it seems that we Canadians are not doing a great job of arming ourselves with the greatest weapon of all; INFORMATION. The perennial supporters of McGuinty and Harper seem quite content to buy into the Rovian rhetoric that they pass off as fact.
I feel that there is something even more problematic though. We the people often get lost in our own partisan rhetoric.When McGuinty's detractors descend into general Liberal bashing and Harper's into Conservative bashing, we begin to divide ourselves along those lines. This is great for the power hungry politician who benefits from a divided and distracted electorate. This conflict and criticism also ignores the most obvious issues that these so-called-leaders' biggest faults are when they stray from their own party's traditional ideals.
It's foolish to decry "those damn liberals" while McGuinty panders to big business and cuts social programs. And "those damn conservatives" sure do love big government and even bigger spending sprees.

Whether you feel aligned with the left or the right, you have been betrayed. It's high time that we the people meet in the middle and direct our gaze toward these men who do NOT have our best interests in mind. Only united can we strike fear into the hearts of these arrogant, self serving leeches.