Why do They Hate History?

Here we go again. Conservative Senator, Nicole Eaton is purposing that we drop the beaver as our national symbol in favor of the polar bear. She reasons (if one can use the word reason here) that it’s time to trade in a “19th-century has-been for a 21st-century hero.” I hope that I need not elaborate upon the many reasons that the beaver is the symbol of Canada. Any grade school kid can explain it to you if you don't know.

Move along, no history to see here.
But now it seams, as the neo-conservative war machine gears up, they believe we need a more aggressive symbol. Ironically, when the US proposed that the polar bear be placed on the endangered species list and trade in its products be banned, Canada vehemently disagreed. After all, if our government acknowledged the plight of the bears, those tar sand loving Tories might have to concede the effects of climate change on the arctic. We can't have that now, can we?

Hey, if that little guy in the tree
 were a bit tubbier and
had a cheaper hair piece...

But, alas, if this senator gets her way, it will be the beaver on the endangered list. Of course, if there were justice in the world, the senate would be an endangered species.

Well, if the beaver must go, then I would humbly like to offer a suitable replacement, guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of mortal men.

The Mad Cow


You could use Pelosi's Pic as a scary beaver!!! Well they might not be scared but they couldn't do anything from throwing up!!!