Operation Clementine

Oh my darlin' Clement resign.

It's time. You stole from Canada. You lied. You cheated. You covered your cheats with lies. Then, you tried to erase the evidence and failed. The evidence is now out in public and your last ditch tactic is the Bev Oda defense.

Tony Clement (right dishonorable) 
It's time, Clement resign. I'm here to help. To keep the concept fresh for you, I'm sending you a case of clementines. I hope you will enjoy them, they are always a treat. In case one case is not enough and other Canadians want to help, I'll just remind everyone of your mailing address.

Tony Clement
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Wow - a facebook page :) you know you wanna!

...update :)