the Oil Industry is Losing

This just occurred to me:
Intense lobbying in Europe - Insane accusations by the likes of Joe Oliver - - TransCanada Pipelines trying to circumvent the President of the United States of America - Media campaigns - Buying political influence - etc...
This is it! This really is it. The oil industry is in its death-throes.

Think about it. We've been educating and educated about the inherent environmental dangers of fossil fuels for decades. None of this science came under serious attack until the last several years. Now, we see science characterized as a liberal plot. Environmentalism is nothing more than an attack on the economy.
Never have we seen such financial might brought to bear on garnering political favor or swaying public opinion as we've seen recently from the oil companies.

Yes, they have more money and more influence over government that the silly, little voting public. Yes, this is as daunting as it seems. And yes, they are losing.

Like so many armies in so many wars, they are throwing everything they have into this final offensive. It will get ugly. There will be casualties. But they already know that they have lost. So sit tight because this last big flare will burn itself out soon enough. It might take a decade or it might take a generation, but it's over.