Delisting the Grand River. C-45 & the NWPA

Again, we are to suffer more Trojan horse legislation from Harper in the form of C-45. Again, an odious omnibus bill of over 400 pages, described as a budget implementation bill. And, yet again, just like in the spring, the bill contains all kinds of legislation with little or nothing to do with the economy.

This round contains the decimation of the Navigable Waters Protection Act. Vast tracts of Canadian waterways are loosing their protection from indiscriminate damming, bridging, filling and other forms of obstruction. I'm going to talk specifically about the Grand River because this is the area in which I live.

From the World Wildlife Fund regarding the Grand River 
after years of restoration and improved water management it is now recognized as a Canadian Heritage River and is one of only two Canadian rivers to receive the prestigious International Thiess Riverprize. Half of all fish species in Canada can be found in the watershed where fly fishing alone contributes more than $1 million to the local economy each year.
With the new legislation (Bill C-45, Schedule 2 (section 331), Part 2, Line 26) only the river from the dam in Brantford to it's mouth at Lake Erie is still protected by the act. All points north are no longer protected. This huge section of river is part of several conservation areas and home to various communities, recreation areas and small businesses. It also flows through a number of federal ridings and I'm quite sure your Member of Parliament would love to hear from you and find out what your views are regarding the future of YOUR river. 
For your convenience...

David Tilson (C) Dufferin - Caledon
Telephone: 613-995-7813
Fax: 613-992-9789
Web Site:

Michael Chong (C) Wellington - Halton Hills
Telephone: 613-992-4179
Fax: 613-996-4907
Web Site:

Harold Albrecht (C) Kitchener - Conestoga
Telephone: 613-992-4633
Fax: 613-992-9932
Web Site:

Peter Braid (C) Kitchener - Waterloo
Telephone: 613-996-5928
Fax: 613-992-6251
Web Site:

Stephen Woodworth (C) Kitchener Centre
Telephone: 613-995-8913
Fax: 613-996-7329
Web Site:

Gary Goodyear (C) Cambridge
Telephone: 613-996-1307
Fax: 613-996-8340
Web Site:

As each of these fine gentlemen are members of the Conservative Party of Canada, I might suggest that you ask them if they have even read the massive piece of legislation upon which they are about to vote.
While you are expressing your concern, you may also want to bring this issue to the attention of the
400 Clyde Road, PO Box 729 Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5W6
(519) 621-2761 / 1-866-900-4722

The last suggestion that I'll leave you with is to forward this info to any local businesses you know of that operate on or around the river. Significant changes to the river will definitely affect their livelihood.

This is pretty important stuff. Please take notice.


derek maxwell said…
there is no reason to do this other than monetary value!! these resources need to be protected and water quality too!! its already under pressure from running through so many cities and picking up garbage. and to go about it in such a snaky way well this is why people dont know who they can trust in government!!
Thank you, Derek
If you manage to contact your MP about this, We'd love to hear the story. Post it hare if you can.