Ounce of Dumb Equals...

You know the expression, "an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure"?
Does it make sense to you? 
Here's what doesn't make sense to me...

I'm off today to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A. This is a prudent move on my part because I work with equipment that handles cash and is touched by a lot of people. The interior of this equipment is inexplicably packed with sharp edges. As such, it makes perfect sense for me to do all I can to reduce my risk of contracting a communicable disease through the various cuts and scratches I receive on a daily basis.

That's got to be worth a truck-load of cure, right?

Well, neither the public health system nor my drug benefit provider see this simple truth.

I have good benefits through work (for now) but they will not cover the prescription for the vaccine. Though, should I happen to contract Hep A, I believe that the drug expenses would quickly outpace the 2 x $65 cost of the vaccine shots.

Further, I have to take this vaccine to a clinic to get the shot. This $25 cost is not covered by OHIP, though I'm quite sure a dose of Hep A would make me rather a larger drain on the system than that.

So, why don't private insurers and the public system wish to pay for this very minor, preventative expense? There's only one answer that I can come to... gambling. Both the public and private providers are gambling that I will not get sick. They are saving a few bucks today and hoping I will not cost them thousands in the coming years.

How nice for them to have the luxury to play that game. I, however, do not. There is only one of me so if I catch a very serious disease, I can't really look forward to long term, advantage play to tip the odds back in my favor.

So, I'm off to get jabbed, in the arm and the wallet. I'm sure the high-rollers will appreciate my contribution to their pot.