Do Canadians Hate Gypsies?

The Jews, The Gypsies, The Freemasons... all have something in common.
Roma refugees: Canadian billboards in Hungary warn of deportation
The Roma
This bullshit is driving me batshit!
My son's Roma great-grandmother escaped Nazi-occupied Romania, with her children. As the family story goes, she "flirted with the guards" at the boarder. I don't even want to speculate as to what "flirting" meant when it came to getting your children past a check-point.

Jason Kenney - Minister of Immigration
Jason Kenney and his boss, Harper, and his boss Levant, seem to think that the long oppressed Roma don't deserve refugee status in Canada... the Roma are living the dream in Europe. Sorry, I'm not so convinced.

What has changed since my son's great oma escaped?

Her courage = My son's existence.

Jason Kenney can just fuck off


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