What's Wrong with Homeopathy?

Here is a fine example of a Homeopathic "remedy".

By it's own unashamed claim, the amount of "active ingredient" i.e. borax (boric acid) in this product falls in a range of "3X to 30X - 3C to 30C"

What does that Mean Dr VotR?

It means that the concentration of "active ingredient" in this product is somewhere between One part per Million and One part per Novemdecillion. Or between "almost none" and "if it was there, we couldn't measure it anyway".

This product is a sugar pill. All it's homeopathic friends on the shelf next to it are sugar pills. How much are you willing to spend on sugar pills?

I think what a lot of people don’t understand about the homeopathic theory is the astronomical numbers these dilutions represent. This product claims that its concentration of borax is between 3C and 30C. The size of that scale is enormous (One to One Septendecillion). Again, to reiterate, they are openly admitting that they have absolutely no idea how much borax is in this product other than it’s less than 1ppm.

The claim is generally made that, through the process, the water develops a memory of the “active ingredient”. The water memory concept is peculiar considering there are several billion people pooping in the same finite global aquifer daily. I would rather not have my drinking water remembering that. Also, if the water remembers the borax and then the water is evaporated off the sugar solution to leave the sugar tablet behind, then where did the memory go?

One last thought on the profitability of the Homeopathic industry...
I found boric acid for sale online for $3.24/lb. That amount should dissolve nicely into a saturated solution with about 8L of water at room temp. At a 30C dilution, you could turn that amount of boric acid into...

8000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 litres of “medicine”. 

And they say big pharma’s profits are obscene.


Here's a point I originally missed. Boiron often lists the concentration (dilution) of their ingredients in both "X" and "C" numbers and they are always the same. X is 1 part per 10 and C is 1 part per 100. ie 2X=1C, 6X=3C, 8X=4C, etc.
This again indicates that this company has no idea what it's doing or what it's selling. Why are you buying it?


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