Squeaky Wheels on a Burning Car

How the Whitefish band turned the tide on HST (Globe and Mail)

I'm not sure I understand this. Ontarians, en masse, have been objecting loudly and vehemently to the introduction of the HST and it has fallen on deaf ears. Now 2500 emails and the threat of a blockade by the Whitefish River First Nation has inspired government action. That's cool and all but what about the rest of us? What are we doing wrong?

This petition alone carries 238000 signatures

I hesitate to describe our First Nations as a "special interest group" as the term comes across as dismissive. But what we're seeing here, yet again, is the fact that our government simply will not listen to the the public at large. Who are these politicians and to whom are they accountable?!

Flash back to this debacle when Dalton McGuinty caved in to special interest church groups who objected to an update to the public sex education curriculum. (By the way, Dalton, didn't anyone ever tell you that the religious right never votes Liberal?)

As all the world loves an automotive analogy, tell me... the squeaky wheel may get the grease but what happens when you neglect the entire rest of the car?