How Safe Stupid Are You

Just how safe and secure stupid are you, anyway? It's a pretty complex question but here are a few hallmarks with which you can begin your personal assessment. 
I must warn you though, you may begin to get the feeling that you are such an absolute moron that you are no longer fit to continue sucking air with the rest of humanity. I bare no responsibility for what you decide to do with this revelation.

In 2001, a small group of extreme fanatics were able to hijack 4 commercial air liners, using only box-cutters as weapons. As we know, the results were horrific. Since then, as an air passenger, you are not allowed to take something as benign and harmless as nail-clippers with you onto an airplane. 
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Later in 2001, Richard Reid failed to detonate a small explosive, hidden in his shoe, on the flight from Paris to Miami. Since then, as an air passenger, you must remove your shoes and have them X-rayed before getting onto your flight.
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In 2006, another small group of extreme fanatics were arrested before they could execute a plot to make and detonate liquid explosives on several commercial flight. These men did not make it as far as the airport and their plan, if you are familiar with chemistry, was only barely feasible. Since then, as an air passenger, you are restricted from bringing liquids onto your flight. This includes water, coffee, shampoo, aftershave, baby formula, etc.
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In 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, failed to detonate an underwear bomb on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Since then, as an air passenger, you and your children must submit to a scan that allows complete stranger to see your naked bodies before you can get onto your flight. Many security experts have stated that this scanning equipment is unlikely to detect a device like the one Abdulmutallab attempted to use, yet, in the name of safety and security, passengers are happy parade naked in front of a group of security officers.
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Almost every year in the USA since the 80 (and with disturbing frequency in the preceding 2 centuries), there have been shootings in schools with an absolutely sickening loss of children's lives. Yet you believe that gun control is an unconscionable violation of your basic human rights. In fact, you will fight tooth and nail to resist even the suggestion of tighter restrictions on gun ownership. 
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After considering these several points, are you starting to see the hypocrisy in the strange stance that anything is ok in the name of security and anything is ok in the name of gun ownership? How do you feel about your rights? More importantly, how do you feel about your children's rights?
Of course, you are a law abiding gun owner, just like the majority of the the perpetrators of the above massacres were, before that first shot. As a matter of fact, you might even justify your gun-loving position by saying many of these massacres might have been mitigated if more people were carrying guns. Well, let's do the math... 

How many lives might have been saved in Newtown CT if there were a dozen more liberty loving patriots with guns in that school? How many would have been saved if there was just one less?

Feel stupid yet?