This might take a while. This might take some edits. This might not ever get published. 

This is The Note

2021-12-16 I asked the love of my life, Marianne Dawn Gayowsky, to take me to the hospital. This was the third time I decided to, or consented to, go to hospital emergency for a mental health crisis. I asked her to come with me, and insist on staying with me (COVID time) because I'm a poor advocate for my own heath.

She did.

As usual, we waited hours. When I finally spoke to the folk who were there for un MH patients, I was exhausted and sub-crisis. They asked if I was suicidal. I said yes. They asked me of I had a suicide plan. I said no. 

"So you're suicidal, but you don't have a plan. Cool-beans. Go home and do what you do."

I did.